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Bridge of the Word... Heart of the Universe

A cruise through the Panama Canal combines exotic scenery and scientific ingenuity.

With ports of call in the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera you are guaranteed a fabulous view. Tall palm trees and lush untouched natural beauty line the coast of Central America. If the islands are your excursions of choice, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters await you.

There is more than just sightseeing on these cruises. The waterway that transformed global trade, the Panama Canal is a testament to human engineering. As you traverse its historic locks, you can't help but marvel at the sheer audacity and brilliance that made this feat possible. It's a living history lesson that connects you to the grand tapestry of human progress.

Exploring the possibilities of such an itinerary need not be synonymous with exorbitant costs. By leveraging strategic partnerships and optimizing the cruise's route and offerings, it is entirely feasible to create an experience that is both affordable and effective.

Reach out to one of our Panama Canal experts at Themed cruises by Corporate Travel and start planning your next themed cruise.

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