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The Aloha State

Are you ready to set sail on a voyage through the mesmerizing islands of Hawaii? Themed Cruises by Corporate Travel is here to help you and your group create a custom experience you will never forget.

Every island offers a unique adventure. Imagine snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs, strolling through historic sites, or hiking through a rainforest to discover hidden waterfalls. There is an activity for any traveler.

Our excursions open you up to a world of Hawaiian culture. Traditional Luaus will delight you while showcasing mesmerizing storytelling and dance. Feast on an array of local cuisine. Savor the succulent tropical fruits, fresh caught seafood, and juicy Kālua Pig.

A themed cruise is the most comfortable way to see the Hawaiian Islands. With traditional travel you have to pack up all your belongings and take a flight each time you want to see a new island. Instead, unpack once and save time and stress. Your cruise ship will take you to each new island while you relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

Get in touch with a Hawaiian Cruise specialist and embrace the Aloha Spirit. Plan your next group adventure with Themed Cruises by Corporate Travel.

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