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From the Fjords to the Forests, it's All Here

A custom themed cruise through the Scandinavian and Baltic regions is like no other.

Scandinavia comprises several countries, each with its own distinct culture and cuisine. Devour Swedish meatballs, Norwegian salmon, or Danish pastries, it is up to you! 

Experience their scenic wonders upclose in a way that land travel cannot. From impressive mountains and fjords, to enchanting waterfalls and forests there is no shortage of landscapes to take in. These breathtaking sites make Norway in particular the most instagrammable country in the world.

Encounter history like you never have before. Travelers often choose this cruise destination for it's rich history and relevance to their cruise theme.

Cities in the Baltic region are full of extremely well-preserved historic architecture. Discover ancient towns, see majestic palaces, and appreciate the mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Neoclassical architecture in the area.

The Baltic Sea has also played a crucial role in European history. The Hanseatic League, the reign of the Vikings, and the era of the Cold War are just a few examples. Cruising through this region provides opportunities to visit historic cities, landmarks, and museums.

Get in touch with a Scandinavian and Baltic Cruise specialist and start planning your next themed cruise.

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