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Plan Your Themed Cruise!

Discover the magic of Themed Cruises by Corporate Travel, where we bring your passions to life on the high seas. Our cruise tour team designs both personal cruise travel and large, themed cruises for performance tours, guest speakers and entertainers, affinity groups or recreational interest groups. Immerse yourself in a world of unique experiences as we take you on an extraordinary voyage tailored to your desires. 

We understand that the beauty of travel lies in its ability to broaden our horizons and enrich our lives. That's why we go above and beyond to curate themed cruises featuring esteemed guest speakers, thought leaders, and influencers who inspire and enlighten.


Engage in enlightening discussions, attend captivating lectures, and embark on intellectual adventures that challenge your perspectives and expand your knowledge. 

Let us help you plan your own themed cruise or join one of our upcoming cruises.  

Inside of a luxury yacht

“I wish to take this opportunity to convey to you my affirmation that Corporate Travel Service would be your superlative partner for any cruise event. Our cruise events involved the careful management and care of country music professionals, dynamic and complex shipboard operations, and a level of client

service for our traveling guests that mattered greatly to the sensitive Grand Ole Opry brand. In Corporate Travel, we had a partner who could deliver that level of service to our guests and, at the same time, provide a loyalty and ethic to our organization that was truly imperative in achieving the level of success we had.”


- Peter Fisher

Grand Ole Opry

Amalfi Coast in Italy
Hungarian Parliament Building

“I have worked with Corporate Travel Service for 9 years now (30 plus cruises) and they have been an extremely important part of our highly successful growth. They have deep experience in events of all kinds including cruises, and they have a strong depth of skills. We have found them to have a bright, experienced, and ethical staff and culture. They handle a myriad of challenging tasks in a professional, competent, and kind manner I am pleased to be working with them and expect that I will bring many new projects to John Hale, David DiFranco, and their team.”


- Mike Jason

Senior Vice President StarVista Live

Man on cruise ship in alaska using binoculars
Malta Maritime Museum

"CTS has operated all of my pilgrimage cruises for the past 15 years and they have done an extraordinary job each time! The team is customer service oriented, creative, faith-filled, and organized.  I would not consider traveling with any other company!"

-Steve Ray

Footprints of God

Church Bells Overlooking Santorini


Themed Cruises

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